When Lord called the head of the family for the ministry, He also opened the way for it. He showed that the music is a key to people hearts, which opens it for God. Sergey’s children were richly blessed by talent and from the very childhood they started to learn to play musical instruments and sing. For eight years the family served Lord in the North of Moldova in Cahul. This is a city on the border with Romania. The main focus for their ministry use to be Youth Ministry.

The services were performed in the local colleges, universities and other educational institutions. There it has been a possibility to gather students for Evangelism meetings. One of the most important ministries was for young military servicemen. As brother Sergey says: “there is no other opportunity to gather for the Evangelism events so many young fellows. For this ministry music was a good tool to use as young people enjoyed coming and listening to the ensemble. Starting with music we always finish preaching the Gospel and with prayer.”

After a while Lord opened a new door and Kirnevs started to serve outside Moldova. Bulgaria, the country of 7 million inhabitants and just 1% of them are Protestants became such “an opened door”. Despite the fact that nominally the country’s official religion is Christianity, in reality people are far away from God. But Bulgaria wasn’t the end and new horizons were opened and the ensemble “Kirnev” visited Greece. Here situation is similar as people are nominal Christians and not many saved people. Next door was Macedonia. Here we participated in Evangelism ministries which took place on the Central squares of such cities as Veles, Nagotino, Skopia. These services showed that Macedonians are opened for God’s Word.

In 2010 God opened an opportunity to participate in Evangelism ministries among Russian speakers in Great Britain (London), Italy (Roma, Napoli). About 15 million Russian speakers (by non official statistics) are living in the Euro Union. These people are from former Soviet Union republics and they are separated from their families, often live in need and they suffer without God so they are opened for the Word of God. The services were performed in churches and open air. The family expressed the feelings in a phraze “With the gratitude we are looking back to the work done and we are joyful that the seeds of the Word we were able to plant, are raised by God and people who have it find Christ.

After a while the ensemble for the very first time was invited to a Muslim country Turkey to participate in Evangelism services. It became a new step. Brother Serghey says: «We had an opportunity to be on the Central street of Istanbul were we evangelized and gave out the Bibles. In Turkey live 74,5 million of inhabitants and in Istanbul live about 16 million. Before the beginning of 20th Century 10% of the population were Christians and in the beginning of 21st Century the remaining percent was 3. Now God has opened new possibilities and the authorities gave opportunity to make opened Christian events and even provide with the security. But this fact didn’t make these services easier or less dangerous. Even to give out a Bible to a Muslim person is not easy because they believe that having it in their hands they will become unclean. But anyway, we could see that a lot of Muslims are interested in knowing Jesus Christ and they take Bibles, meditating on it. We could see people renewing their life through reading the Bible here!”

In 2012 together with the group of Evangelists and the pastor of Istanbul church Gheorghe Dotsu there were purchased and given out 22 000 of Bibles in Turkish and DVDs with the movie “Life of Jesus Christ”.

In the same year family went to serve in Erbil in Iraq. Here Evangelism meetings became possible just being defended by the group of armed soldiers. In Iraq live Christian who are in a need of being encouraged and spiritually raised up. For many Centuries they are pressed and are considered as people of the “second sort” of people. But God takes care of these people making Authorities to allow the ministry.

In 2013 the family started its Evangelical ministry in Lebanon: in Tyre, Beirut, Sidon and its areas. These cities are mentioned in Bible but for the moment you barely find Christians there. But today we find very special conditions for Evangelical work in Lebanon. Here live Palestinian refugees from the 50s of 20th Century and because the recently started conflict in Syria there was a new wave of refugees of Syrians. These people are in a great need and live in total disaster. This need makes them opened to the people who want to serve them.

Participating in these services the family faced different difficulties, had many emotions, fears and sometimes experienced real dangers. For example summer 2013 when they participated in the ministry in Rome, the car’s windows were broken and all the personal belongings were stolen. The most precious in all the senses were musical instruments. In Lebanon they were in the centre of hostilities, but thanks to God they were safe in the midst of angry rebels and armed military forces where you could smell the danger and anger in the air. And despite this fact in January 2014 they were happy to go back to Istanbul (Turkey) and participated in Evangelical work in Lebanon in its biggest cities (Tyre, Sidon, Beirut, Tripoli). In a week the ensemble performed 19 concerts. It was a hard but joyful work in God’s field.

As brother Sergey says, the family ensemble plans its further ministry in Lebanon, to preach and to give out Bibles to Syrian and Palestinian refugees, to teach children the Bible truths. The children’s camps are planned and the goal is set to show to the children Light of Jesus’ love. Also these children are those who will be future Missionaries for their nation.

Family members say that they are happy people and they are very grateful to God being honored to serve and to be an example that God leads everything to good for those who love Him.