About us

The Kirnev’s family consists out of 9 person and their origins are in the south of Moldova.

The head of the family, father Serghey Kirnev is also the conductor of the ensemble "Kirnev". He committed his life to God since he was 14. His profession is lawyer and he took studies in the presidential academy of the Republic of Moldova. God called Serghey and his family to serve Him. Serghey is the one who organizes Evangelism ministries in many countries and his family supports him in this mission.

Maria Kirneva, Serghey's wife is the mother of 7. Being younger she use to sing in the church's choir, was a soloist in the stringed orchestra. Her specialty is laboratory assistant for chemical analysis. But for the sake of supporting her family in the mission service she became a housewife and fully devotes herself to the family. Maria is the one who help to pack and unpack to her husband and children for the mission trips. The ensemble often visits with the ministry unsafe places of the world and it is more unsafe for those who preach the Gospel. During the mission trips her ministry is as important as of the other part of the family. She is the one who prays for the safety and God's protection for the spouse and children and also for the good fruits out of their ministry.

Pavel Kirnev is 26 and he is musician since he is 6. From the very childhood God opened for him the talent for the music composing the music. He graduated with the specialty in business and administration the Economical faculty but then he understood that God calls him to serve through the music. No he is taking studies in the Academy of Art of the Republic of Moldova fortepiano faculty and also he is the musical conductor of the ensemble "Kirnev". As Pavel says, the goal of his life to be as a musical instrument in God's hands so people could come to the Lord through his music.

Veacheslav (Slava) Kirnev graduated the law faculty in the International Independent University of the Republic of Moldova. He is 24 now. Also he finished 7 classes of accordion studies of the musical school. Veacheslav in the ensemble is the singer and plays nai (pan-flute). For the moment he takes studies in the Art Academy of the Republic of Moldova, folk instruments faculty.  The goal of Slava's life is to let God fulfill His plans through his life. His dream is to dedicate the life for the ministry in the Muslim countries.

Yulya Kirneva is 23 and she is also taking studies in the Art Academy of the Republic of Moldova on the faculty for the stringed instruments. Yulya's passion is to play violin and she plays in the ensemble "Kirnev" and also in the symphonic orchestra of the Academy of Art. In the ensemble she is the first violin. Also Yulya sings alto in the vocal pieces. Through her talent Yulya wants to serve people and using music to knock in the hearts of people For God's sake.

Vera Kirneva is the student of the Academy of Art of Republic of Moldova on the faculty of academic vocal and also she plays violin. She is soloist singer in the ensemble. Now she is 21 and she started to play violin since she was 8 but she started to sing even earlier being 4 years old. In the future Vera plans to dedicate herself for the Children's ministry, to teach them music. Vera wants to study psychology and wants to apply these knowledge in her ministry. Her passion is opera.

Galina Kirneva is 19 and she is a student in the Shtefan Neaga musical college on the instrumental faculty. In the college she studies to play violin. She started to play violin being 7 years old. In her very childhood she wanted to become a doctor, to help people and to serve them. But God blessed Galina to play music and she feels that she serves through it and she believes that music heals. She plays in the Chamber Orchestra in the college, in the ensemble and also enjoys to sing. Galina says that loves the life she has. In future Galina plans to enter Bible College.

Emmanuil Kirnev is 15 and he studies to play viola (alto violin) in the musical lyceum named after Sergey Rahmaninov. He studies music since he is 8. Looking at his older brothers and sisters he wants to become a missionary in the Arabic countries too. Emmanuil enjoys studying history and he is an inquisitive person. Also he likes math.

Elena Kirneva is the youngest in the family and she is 14. Elena is a scholar in the secondary school but also she finished 7 years of education in the musical school where she studied to play piano. From her very childhood she discovered her talent in singing. She is not a member of ensemble yet but she is preparing herself for it and she wants to become a singer, to take part in the missionary ministry, to praise God through her songs.